Unraveling the mysteries of the immune system in health and disease

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The Allen Institute for Immunology is working to understand the dynamic balancing act of the human immune system, how it senses friend from foe and what goes wrong when we’re ill. Our studies aim to translate deep knowledge of the immune system in health and disease to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of immune-related disorders. Everything we do begins with patients who are living with and suffering from these diseases. We believe that by decoding the mysteries of the immune system, we can make a significant improvement in patients’ health and wellbeing. 

Immunology News


Inside the Human Immune System

June 22, 2021

Our immunology researchers developed a new technique, TEA-seq, to capture three types of data simultaneously from thousands of single cells.


New technique explores the ins and outs of our immune cells

May 6, 2021

Method that captures 3 different characteristics of individual human cells at once can shed light on aging and disease