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Foundational science fuels breakthroughs

We are leaders in large-scale research that transforms our understanding of human health and disease and shapes how science is conducted worldwide.

We are researching the fundamental components of biology

The more we understand about the function of cells, processes of the brain, and the intricacies of the immune system at a basic, cellular level – the closer we come to treatments and cures for diseases like cancer, COVID-19, and Alzheimer’s.

Our work accelerates discoveries.

Every day our teams work to unlock the mysteries of human biology–how our minds and bodies operate in the world to give life meaning. Amazing new discoveries have been made at the Allen Institute, and when we openly share our data and resources, we allow the global scientific community to make faster progress and new insights into human health.


Science Programs & Open Data


Scientists gathering around performing an experiment together.

Science programs and open science resources

The Allen Institute is comprised of research-focused institutes, groups, and science programs that focus on the fundamental components of biology and bioscience across neuroscience, cell biology, immunology and beyond. Our foundational research accelerates discoveries about health and disease and serves as building blocks for new medicines, medical treatments, and disease prevention.

Exploring the building blocks of life, health, and disease

We focus on foundational science, exploring how the human body functions and is connected at a fundamental level. We delve deep into the mechanics of our brain, probe the structures and functions of our cells, investigate how our bodies fight disease, and pursue ideas that are on the cutting edge of bioscience. We compare healthy cells and immune systems to those affected by diseases like Alzheimer’s, mapping the way forward to new treatments and therapies.

Alzheimer-Brain HPC with axons and plaques zoomed

Alzheimer’s disease

Unlocking the mysteries of this mind-robbing disease affecting more than 55 million people worldwide
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Covid Data


How does the immune system clear COVID-19, and what goes wrong in long COVID?
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Cancer tissue


Understanding what goes wrong in the immune system — and how to set it right again
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Allen Institute for Immunology researcher processing samples

Autoimmune disease

What goes wrong when our immune systems attack our own bodies?
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Impact by the numbers


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This large-scale team effort really requires expertise from all different directions.

Meet the people powering our research

You’ll find neuroscientists, cell biologists, mathematicians, physicists, engineers, immunologists, geneticists, informatics experts and a team of administrative professionals working side-by-side to achieve our goals.

Past research:

The Allen Institute MindScope Program

This program entered a transition phase in 2023. Before then, this program focused on investigating the mechanics of behavior and consciousness.

MindScope Program

Science Programs at Allen Institute