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We share what we do openly with the world

At the Allen Institute, we believe shared understanding accelerates new discoveries and nurtures breakthroughs.

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Serving the scientific community is at the center of our mission to expand our understanding of human health and disease.

Allen Mouse Brain Atlas Gene Expression

Allen Brain Map

Open neuroscience resources including reference atlases, cell type data, modeling tools, and more.
Image showing human cell variance

Allen Cell Explorer

Open cell biology resources including hiPSC lines, plasmids, imaging software, 3D images and models, and more.

Human Immune System Explorer

Open immunology resources including datasets from longitudinal human studies, data visualizations, and more.
Explore HISE

Education and Training 

Learn how to use our data and resources to support your research by attending in-person, and virtual trainings and workshops.

Events and Training

We also provide educators with resources to inspire and engage the next generation of scientists. Our educational resources help students use our open data and tools to support independent research, scientific thinking, and analysis skills.

Educator Resources

Science Programs at Allen Institute