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Sharing our science with the world to transform human health


We live in a rapidly changing world, and we face incredible challenges: the impact of climate change on life, global pandemics, mental health, and aging, just to name a few.

While these are all daunting, we know that our foundational approach to science, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge can make a difference. Together we can go farther and have even greater impact.

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20 years of impact

The Allen Institute celebrates two decades of scientific achievement. In our 2023 annual report, learn about our quest to understand life and advance health.

2023 Annual Report

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Infographic showing a graphic of Allen Institute building along with highlights of Allen Institute Research

Infographic showing the teams and employee statistics of the Allen Institute

Our research and data are empowering scientists to pursue bold solutions to the most pressing issues affecting humanity.

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Explore our impact

A detailed shape of an oligodendrocyte precursor cell shown in pink against a black background.

Foundational science fuels breakthroughs

We are leaders in large-scale research that transforms our understanding of human health and disease.
Our Research
Human Cells imaged by the Allen Institute for Cell Science using AGAVE

Latest News

Breakthroughs, partnerships, and ongoing explorations at the Allen Institute
Latest News
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Inspiring next-generation scientists

Supporting open access to real-world science resources, research, and experiences.

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Sharing in discovery

Our work is revealing insights into what makes us healthy and what causes disease, and we’re enabling researchers around the world to do the same — leading to new ways to prevent, monitor, diagnose, and treat with greater precision.

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