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Open Science Week

A campaign by the Allen Institute to celebrate and promote the value of open science

Expanding Impact

Now in its fifth year, Open Science Week will take place Sept. 16-22, 2024. Leaders, producers, educators and users of open science are encouraged to engage with this campaign. 

A celebration of open science in all its forms – Open Science Week calls attention to scientists and organizations who share their tools, resources and data openly to accelerate research and discovery. This annual celebration, founded and coordinated by the Allen Institute, takes place during the third week of September.

Campaign Toolkit

Join the conversation on social media #OpenScienceWeek and check out our daily topics.

Open Science Week Daily Topics

Beautiful editorial photo of the Allen Institute Headquarters with an overlay of the Allen Institute 20th Anniversary LogoBrains, Cells, & Immune Systems: 20 Years of Impact at the Allen Institute

On September 28, we hosted a  free public event at the Allen Institute celebrating and reflecting on our contributions to open science over the past 20 years.

The event will included science talks by our researchers on foundational knowledge of the brain, the cell, and the immune system—and discussions on what this work means for understanding life and advancing health.

Watch the talks

Open Science at the Allen Institute

Four different kinds of brain cells are shown in high resolution. A large green neuron in the center is surrounded by different kinds of brain cells in purple, gold and pink.

Open Science Tools

We share our data, tools and resources with the world.
Scientist lookin in a microscope

Resources for Educators

Supporting open access to real-world science resources, research, and experiences.

Open science sticker contest | 2023

What does open science mean to you? To celebrate 20 years of open science at the Allen Institute, we welcomed creative answers in the form of artwork from youth ages 5-14.

One winner and one honorable mention were be selected by a panel of judges led by our education team and including scientific staff. Judging criteria included creativity, artistic talent, and how well the design encompasses or represents our theme or suggested topics in open science.

Winning sticker

Open science sticker design
Open science sticker design by Aydin S., age 9.

What does open science mean to you?

“Open science is the multidisciplinary sharing of and collaboration on scientific data, results, and methods in furtherance of progressive science for the good of the planet and mankind.”

Honorable mention

Sticker design for open science week by a 12 year old student
Open science sticker design by Zoe M., age 12.

What does open science mean to you?

“Being curious and creative to make new discoveries that may make the world a better place.”