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Powering groundbreaking research. Transforming human health.

We explore the basic building blocks of humanity to gain insight into health and disease. We share our findings and data freely with scientists around the world because shared understanding feeds new discoveries and nurtures breakthroughs.

Our work unlocks the mysteries of bioscience.

Since 2003, our tools and resources have accelerated scientific discovery around the world.

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Team science and open science fuel innovation and progress. By breaking down the silos of science and leveraging a diverse range of expertise unified around common goals, we are transforming the scientific landscape.

We’re making an impact.

Our collaborative approach is reflected in our hundreds of scientific staff from dozens of different scientific disciplines. Together, we tackle large-scale projects that have generated over 24 petabytes of data – equal to 138 years of HD-TV video or 159 billion online photos. And our open science approach means all of our resources are available to the global community to catalyze discovery.

Our research and data are empowering scientists to pursue bold solutions to the most pressing issues affecting humanity.

Rui Costa - President and CEO

Our Progress: Annual Reports 

Every year is a new opportunity to improve human health through science. When we step back to take stock of our progress, we gain greater insight into the scientific roads yet traveled.

While scientific progress and discovery aren’t typically contained within a calendar year, our Annual Reports offer engaging snapshot of the milestones in research from the Allen Institute.


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