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Field Trips to Allen Institute

Visit our purpose-built headquarters in Seattle to learn from scientists and educators about our big, team, and open science approach. 

Organize a field trip to the Allen Institute

We invite applications from high school, undergraduate, graduate, middle school, and community education groups to the Allen Institute to learn about our science through interactive programs.

Field trips usually include 2-3 of the following elements: 

  • Building tour 
  • Lab tour (age 18+) or live video lab tour (age <18) 
  • Career panel 
  • Early career opportunities and internships presentation 
  • Presentation from a scientist
  • Hands-on or digital activity 

We require that the teacher or adult supervisor for a group (not a student) fill out our application. 

Apply Now

Teacher on an education tour at the Allen Institute in front of a lab
Educators participating in a tour at Allen Institute.

Field Trip Details:

  • Tour Length: Field trips are typically 2-2.5 hours, with some flexibility based on the group’s needs.
  • Group Size: We can accommodate a minimum group size of 12 and maximum of 30.
  • Application timeline: We schedule field trips at least 2 months out from application date.
  • Transportation: Your group is responsible for organizing  transportation, but we offer up to $250 reimbursement for costs.
  • Dress code: Long pants and fully enclosed closed-toed shoes are required to enter Allen Institute laboratories. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. 
  • Accessibility: We can accommodate visual, auditory, and mobility needs; please let us know of any requests on your application.
  • Lunch facilities: We do not provide a setting for group lunches. Please plan for your group to eat lunch off-site. We’re happy to provide recommendations in the neighborhood.

Contact us at with any questions about our field trip programs.

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