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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Allen Institute is committed to an inclusive culture that encourages, nurtures, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees, collaborators, partners, and communities.

Our Commitment

While elevating and acknowledging diversity, we’re creating a work environment where everyone is respected, valued, and feels safe to express themselves. We will be transparent and accountable for our actions.

Racism and discrimination are pervasive in scientific research and research organizations. We are committed to providing opportunities within the Allen Institute for underrepresented minorities at all levels of our organization.

Different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger, inclusive, and innovative work environment that delivers big science and impacts the world.

Allenites marching in the Seattle Pride Parade. Photo: Jon Sim

diversity equity and inclusion word cloudOur Work 

As a scientific organization building a world-class culture of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B), Allen Institute employees collaborated to create a word cloud that represents our journey together as we move forward with purpose and impactful intention for the future. Within the Erlenmeyer flask, you will find elements of who we are as a whole, including our affinity groups as well as terms related to our mission statement, culture, values, core principles, and our DEI&B Vision of Success.

Allen Institute Affinity Groups

  • LGBTQ+
  • A³PI – Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islanders
  • B.A.S.E. – Black, Advancement, Support and Empowerment
  • EASL – Estamos Aqui: Somos Latines
  • M.I.N.D. – Mental Inclusivity, Neurodivergence, and Disabilities
  • TWENTI – Together, Women+ in Engineering, Technology and Informatics

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