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Pete Skene Allen Institute

Peter Skene, Ph.D.

Director, High Resolution Translational Immunology


Pete Skene joined the Allen Institute for Immunology in 2019 as the Director of High Resolution Translational Immunology. Prior to joining, Pete was at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center and Nanostring Technologies here in Seattle where he worked to invent new sequencing based technologies. These include CUT&RUN which has enabled our understanding of genomic regulatory mechanisms across many biological systems and is the foundation for many related platforms.

Here at the Allen Institute, Pete’s team focuses on development, automation, and application of high resolution technologies to further understand and perturb immune cell states across health and disease. This includes the invention of novel assays such as TEA-seq and innovative spatial biology approaches. In collaboration with other teams, these foundational technologies and resulting datasets are leading to ground breaking insights into the human immune system, and provide landmark datasets for the broader research community.

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