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Ananda Goldrath Headshot

Ananda Goldrath, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President, Director of Allen Institute for Immunology


Ananda Goldrath joined the Allen Institute in Seattle as the Executive Vice President and Director of the Allen Institute for Immunology in 2023 after 19 years at UC San Diego, where she was a Tata Chancellor’s Professor in the School of Biological Sciences in the Molecular Biology Department. Her work as an immunologist has contributed to the understanding of transcriptional networks that govern the formation and maintenance of long-lived protective immunity.

Dr. Goldrath’s research explores the mechanistic basis underlying memory T cell differentiation by driving or suppressing target genes essential for differentiation of protective T cell subsets, regulating metabolic pathway usage, or by controlling access to and survival in tissues. This information has made it possible to beneficially manipulate the immune system to eliminate infection and malignancies. Dr. Goldrath is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a Pew Scholar, a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fellow, and a member of the Immunological Genome Project.

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