Unlocking the mysteries of the brain 

The human brain is what makes us who we are. It’s also arguably the most complex structure in all of biology. We believe that to truly understand the brain, we must study it on multiple scales, from the genes that make individual neurons unique to the circuits that drive behavior. We map the brain through comprehensive atlases that we share with the global neuroscience community to accelerate their work. And we study the mouse and human brain, at several levels, to understand how it works and what goes wrong in disease. 
Our ultimate goal is to bridge cell types and brain function. In this new era of the Allen Institute for Brain Science our scientists are studying the cell types of the brain to understand brain development, evolution and diseases. We are creating a parts list of cell types in the brain and using cell type knowledge to understand how the brain evolved, how the brain develops and how development goes awry in disease. Ultimately, we will explore the connectivity of brain circuits.
In this new phase of neuroscience research we are also seeking to understand the fundamental aspects of thinking, remembering, and reasoning, as well as complex behavior such as speaking through our observatory-based approach, sharing resources for all our work through our publicly accessible web portal,

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Our Core Principles

Team Science

Our multidisciplinary teams embrace a collaborative and communicative style, offering unique perspectives and diverse experience to the scientific challenges we face.

Big Science

We tackle large-scale, ambitious projects that yield incredibly rich, robust data. We integrate this data with sophisticated technology so that it can be readily shared with the global scientific community for exploration, investigation and analysis.

Open Science

Our goal is to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and nurture medical breakthrough, so we free our research to the world.