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We are celebrating 20 years of science impact

Matt Wood, Ph.D.

Amazon Web Services


Matt is the VP of Artificial Intelligence at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Matt attended Nottingham Medical School and then completed his Ph.D. in machine learning, applying neural networks to protein structure prediction, and continued his research on biomedical information retrieval using natural language processing and other bioinformatics projects at the Weill-Cornell Medicine in NYC. On returning to the UK, Matt joined the Wellcome Sanger Institute, where he worked on genome sequencing (of over 40 species), genome visualization, and lead the engineering team for the Institute’s next-generation DNA sequencing platform (including contributions to the 1,000 Genomes project, the Cancer Genome Atlas, and UK influenza pandemic emergency response).

In 2010, after building the first genomic analysis pipeline in the cloud, Matt joined AWS, where he was responsible for technical and product strategy. Since joining AWS, he has been involved in launching several thousand new services and capabilities on to the AWS cloud (including Lambda, Kinesis, SageMaker, Comprehend Medical, DeepRacer, Athena, and Elastic MapReduce). Currently, he leads AI at AWS, and has worked with hundreds of internal teams (including Amazon Go, Alexa, and personalization), and AWS customers (including the NFL, Cerner, Intuit, Pinterest, GE, FINRA, Celgene, and NASA) to bring their ideas to life through machine learning. Matt is a frequent speaker at international conferences, including keynotes at every Re:Invent, an AWS global conference for customers and partners.