The human brain is the most complex piece of organized matter in the known universe. We’re working to uncover its mysteries.
The human brain is the most complex piece of organized matter in the known universe. We’re working to uncover its mysteries.
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The Allen Institute is committed to uncovering some of the most pressing questions in neuroscience, grounded in an understanding of the brain and inspired by our quest to uncover the essence of what makes us human.  

Our focus on neuroscience began with the launch of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2003. This division, known worldwide for publicly available resources and tools on, is beginning a new 16-year phase to understand the cell types in the brain, bridging cell types and brain function to better understand healthy brains and what goes wrong in disease. Our MindScope Program focuses on understanding what drives behaviors in the brain and how to better predict actions. In late 2021 we launched the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics, a new research division of the Allen Institute that is dedicated to understanding how dynamic neuronal signals at the level of the entire brain implement fundamental computations and drive flexible behaviors.

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Neuroscience News


New research to understand how the brain handles optical illusions and makes predictions

May 9, 2022

3 new projects launch on OpenScope, a shared neuroscience observatory


Why is the human brain so difficult to understand? We asked 4 neuroscientists.

April 21, 2022

Thoughts, memories, sensations — why are we still in the dark about how they work?


A day in the (neuroscience) life: Electron microscopy

March 17, 2022

Researchers on the EM team are viewing the brain in unprecedented detail 

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We freely share our neuroscience data and tools to accelerate research and discovery. See how our open resources are helping scientists gain insight into autisum, language disorders, the biology of the visual system and more.

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The Shanahan Foundation Fellowship at the Interface of Data and Neuroscience

This three-year data science fellowship program aims to integrate data scientists into neuroscience research, challenge traditional approaches to neuroscience, provide multidisciplinary mentorship, and foster networking and career development.

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