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BICAN presents: Cell Types Knowledge Explorer tutorial


Learn about the Cell Types Knowledge Explorer (CTKE), a web tool that supports exploring individual cell types in M1.

Aug 23, 2023



10:30AM-11:30AM PT


Graduate, Postdocs, Scientists

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About This Event

Attendees will learn: 

  • How the Allen Institute defines cell types 
  • What features are included in the CTKE tool and how to access them 
  • Why employing standardized cell types in your own research is useful 

At this webinar hosted by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, learn about the Cell Types Knowledge Explorer (CTKE), the data underlying the tool, the development of the taxonomies, and how to use the CTKE for your own research.

CTKE is part of the Allen Institute’s work towards comprehensive cell type taxonomies, including multiple data modalities, species, and levels of resolution. Users can explore “cell type cards,” which include a summary of the transcriptomic, morphological, electrophysiological, spatial localization, and/or epigenetic data available for that cell type. Links to the underlying data and additional related web resources are also available.  


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