Frontiers Group

Distinguished Investigators

The Allen Distinguished Investigator program supports early-stage research with the potential to reinvent entire fields. With grants between $1 million and $1.5 million to individuals and scientific teams, these researchers receive enough funding to produce momentum in their respective fields.

Allen Distinguished Investigators are passionate thought leaders, explorers and innovators who seek world-changing breakthroughs. Their ideas are transformative and their scientific insights are game-changing. What the Investigators share is a pioneering spirit, the ability to imagine possible futures of science, and the ability to create new ways of thinking to share with the world.

Talent is everywhere. Allen Distinguished Investigators may come from small universities or large institutions, cities or towns across the world. We explore the landscape of bioscience to identify distinguished leaders who will make a difference.

Advancing frontier science in human evolution, CRISPR innovations, single-cell research, cancer, brain disease and more — this year, we are celebrating over 100 Allen Distinguished Investigators identified by The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group. Follow our campaign on social media via #100ADI.