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Michal Fortuna, Ph.D.

Scientist II, NHP Biodistribution Lead


Michal Fortuna currently works as a NHP Biodistribution Lead in the Gene Therapy team at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Michal started his research career in the field Respiratory Physiology, Autonomic Control and Systems Neuroscience under the supervision of Patrice Guyenet at the University of Virginia, where he obtained PhD in Pharmacology. He continued his research in neurophysiology and autonomic control of respiration as an Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow, at the University Medicine Göttingen in Germany. Following his evolving interests, Michal joined Cognitive Neuroscience laboratory, headed by Stefan Treue, at the German Primate Center in Göttingen. He worked closely with Alexander Gail on projects investigating sensorimotor transformation and implementation of the optogenetic technology in NHPs. His current project at the Allen Institute aims to develop and evaluate new therapeutic AAVs to treat brain disorders including severe forms of epilepsy and other neurodevelopmental diseases using a novel AAV-based cell type-specific expression system.

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