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Towards Interpretable Quantitative Cell Representations organized by Allen Institute for Cell Science




The Allen Institute for Cell Science is delighted to host you at the Allen Institute in Seattle, Washington for a special gathering: “Towards Interpretable Quantitative Cell Representations.

Our understanding of individual cells, cell types, cell states, and cell state transitions has been revolutionized by the advent of single cell molecular approaches that have given rise to unprecedented amounts of data. As we enter the “big data era” for cellular imaging, our vision is to transform and deepen our understanding of cellular structures and dynamics that transcends specific image modalities.

A crucial initial step towards this involves identifying concise, interpretable representations that retain significant biological features while abstracting superfluous variations. Ideally, these representations should seamlessly apply across diverse image modalities, just as genomic analysis has become platform-agnostic, and will hinge on effective dimensionality reduction of imaging data to construct improved models and theories of cellular states and behavior.

Towards this vision, our summit will bring together leading experts in the fields of single cell biology, microscopy, computation, and mathematics to explore the frontiers of quantitative image analysis and discuss the future of this rapidly evolving discipline. This meeting will feature presentations, discussion sessions, and opportunities for informal networking.  Our goal is to cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives are shared and innovative ideas converge to produce fresh insights, unique solutions, and new collaborations that will advance our collective understanding of how cells operate.

Feb 26 - 28, 2024

Allen Institute

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About This Event

Summit Speakers

Alan Lowe, Aleksandra Walczak, Andreas Tolias, Clay Reid, Eric Siggia, Ewa Paluch, Gaudenz Danuser, Giovanni D’Angelo, Gordon Berman, Hana El-Samad, James Sharpe, Jan Ellenberg, Jeff Moffitt, Jen Zallen, Jeremy Gunawardena, Jim Ferrell, Jin Wang, Jun Allard, Keenan Crane, Kinneret Keren, Lakshminarayanan Mahadevan, Mariela Petkova, Michael Stumpf, Paul Francois, Timm Schroeder, Virginie Uhlmann, Wallace Marshall, Yuhai Tu

Meeting Location

This event will be held at the Allen Institute, a 270,000-square-foot life sciences building, located in South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle. The building is purpose-built for life science research and facilitates our trademark team science approach amid abundant natural light and with stunning views of Seattle.

Upon arrival at the Allen Institute, check in at the registration desk each day located in the lobby and you will be directed to the meeting. Please wear your name badge for the duration of the meeting.

Read about parking near the Allen Institute for up-to-date nearby parking recommendations.

Please note: all attendees must remain in the designated meeting locations, wear provided event badges, and depart the building at the end of programming each day.

Getting to Seattle

The Seattle-Tacoma International airport is the closest airport to the Institute, about a 30-minute drive from the Allen Institute.

  • Attendees are responsible for all travel expenses to and from the meeting.
  • From the airport, there are many options for getting to downtown Seattle and the Institute, including Link Light Rail, taxis, Uber/Lyft app-based ride shares, or Shuttle Express.
  • For the most up to date and comprehensive information on getting around Seattle refer to the Visit Seattle Getting Around Website.
  • For public transportation you can download the OneBusAway app for helpful, real time updates on arrival times.

Attractions & Things to do in Seattle


Attendees are responsible for all travel expenses to and from the meeting. The Allen Institute for Cell Science will provide food and beverages during the event. Please contact for any questions.

Hotel Recommendations

Courtyard Marriott South Lake Union | 5-minute walk to the Allen Institute | Call 1-206-213-0100
EVEN Hotel Seattle Downtown Lake Union | 5-minute walk to the Allen Institute | Call 1-206-596-2302
Level Seattle South Lake Union | 12-minute walk to the Allen Institute | Call 1-206-455-9077
Pan Pacific Hotel | 13-minute walk to the Allen Institute | Call 1-206-264-8111

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