In memory of our Founder, Paul G. Allen

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Paul G. Allen, 1953-2018

“Paul’s vision and insight have been an inspiration to me and to many others both here at the Institute that bears his name, and in the myriad of other areas that made up the fantastic universe of his interests. He will be sorely missed. We honor his legacy today, and every day into the long future of the Allen Institute, by carrying out our mission of tackling the hard problems in bioscience and making a significant difference in our respective fields.”

Allan Jones
President and CEO, Allen Institute



Two years of glowing cells for science

December 6, 2018

The Allen Cell Collection, debuted in 2016, houses cells labeling 27 different structures — and is now available for research use in both non-profit and for-profit communities


This human neuron is on a different wavelength than its mouse counterpart

December 5, 2018

Study uncovers subtle differences in how rodents and humans use the same kind of brain cell, could have implications for drug and disease research


What’s hot in neuroscience in 2018?

December 3, 2018

Following the 2018 Society for Neuroscience conference, the field’s largest gathering, Allen Institute researchers reflect on trending topics in brain research


Celebrating 15 Years of Impact at the Allen Institute

November 20, 2018

15 years after launching to tackle hard problems in neuroscience, the Allen Institute is making new insights about the building blocks of life, supporting pioneering science around the world, and accelerating our understanding of what makes us human.

Annual Report

2018 Annual Report: 15 Years of Impact

November 13, 2018

The Allen Institute was founded in 2003 to tackle hard problems in brain science. This year we're celebrating 15 years since our launch with three divisions, and nearly 500 employees from 34 different scientific disciplines.

Press Release

Research teams from Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Stanford University, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center selected to study healthy brain aging, better treatments for neurodegenerative diseases

November 9, 2018

The American Heart Association and Allen Institute announce $43 million commitment in research funding for innovative approaches to combat age-related dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease