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Unlocking the mysteries of us

We’re exploring the unknowns of human biology and accelerating scientific progress by sharing our research openly with the world.

We provide the scientific foundation upon which breakthroughs are built.

Female researcher holding up a small transparent sample in a glass container up to the light

Life is full of mysteries.

At the Allen Institute we’re researching the brain, cells, and immune system to unlock treatments and cures and expand our understanding of human health.

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    2023 Neuropixels and OpenScope Workshop

    06.21.2023 - 06.23.2023 | 8:00AM
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    two women at brain waves, summer camp for scientists

    Summer Workshop on the Dynamic Brain 2023

    08.20.2023 - 09.03.2023 | 8:00AM
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    Expanding our understanding of human health

    We ask big questions that expand our understanding of human health and disease at a foundational level. Our open-science approach spurs collaboration and accelerates discovery, as we make our tools, platforms, resources, and data available to the scientific community. Explore our work by research area.

    Who We Are

    Science can't be done in silos.

    We believe collaboration is fundamental to the scientific process.

    We are mathematicians, physicists, engineers, neuroscientists, cell biologists, geneticists, informatics experts, and administrative professionals working side-by-side to accelerate scientific progress.

    Meet our people
    Art outside Allen Institute HQ in Seattle.
    Work With Us

    Join us as we push the limits of bioscience.

    We are based in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, the city’s biotechnology hub. Our 270,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art headquarters and research complex fosters the collaboration and cross-disciplinary interactions that fuel our science.

    At the Allen Institute, we are committed to ensuring that our teams are diverse and inclusive, and we strive to create a transparent culture that prioritizes respect above all else.

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