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The Allen Institute is committed to an inclusive culture which encourages, nurtures, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees, collaborators, partners, and communities. While elevating and acknowledging diversity, we will create a work environment where everyone is respected, valued and feels safe to express themselves. We will be transparent and accountable for our actions.

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What are the cells that make up our brains?

As part of a huge collaborative effort supported by the National Institutes of Health’s Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative, our researchers and collaborators have completed the most detailed map to date of the motor cortex, the brain region that controls movement. This brain atlas will pave the way for mapping the entire mammalian brain and could lead to a better understanding of mysterious brain diseases such as ALS.

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SciShots: Mini-brains

January 14, 2022

Lab-grown mini-organs are helping scientists understand how our own brains evolved


New technique sorts out what different kinds of neurons do in the brain

January 7, 2022

Study pinpoints a mouse neuron’s role in sensing touch


Naked mole rats don’t show signs of old age, but their DNA says otherwise

December 23, 2021

‘Queens’ of the rodent colonies age even more slowly than the extremely long-lived naked mole rat  


Hundreds of small molecules known as neuromodulators might influence how we learn

December 17, 2021

New models that capture how the brain retains information could also improve machine learning


$20M awards fund centers’ studies of human brain evolution, animal development

December 2, 2021

Two Allen Discovery Centers enter their next phase of discovery, poised to address large questions about biology

Our Impact on Science, and our World

Our knowledge, data and tools have been a catalyst across the world, allowing other scientists to accelerate their research and advance our understanding of human health and disease.

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See how researcher Kathryn McGuckin Wuertz is trying to understand the relationship between infectious diseases and neurological diseases
Researchers have succeeded in growing the most lifelike human skin in the lab to date. Allen Institute for Cell Science cell lines formed the basis for the human skin organoids.

Lab Notes — a podcast by the Allen Institute

Lab Notes pulls back the curtain to reveal the human stories behind headline-grabbing scientific studies and breakthroughs. Lab Notes is a production of the Allen Institute.

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Our Revolutionary Scientific Resources

Atlases that map the brain, a “periodic table” of cell types in the brain, and an observatory allowing for a large-scale approach to understanding the brain and watching neurons fire in real time, are all available on Allen Brain Map.
We created the first predictive and integrated 3D cell explorer and a collection of human stem cells to help improve the collective understanding of human cells in health—and ultimately disease, all available on the Allen Cell Explorer.

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