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ACR 2023 – Allen Institute for Immunology


Hear from Allen Institute for Immunology scientists and their collaborators from University of California, San Diego and the University of Colorado at the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) annual meeting, November 10-15 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego. 

Nov 10 - 15, 2023

San Diego Convention Center


Doctors, Graduate, Health Care Providers, Postdocs

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About This Event

The Allen Institute for Immunology is collaborating with the University of California-San Diego, the University of Colorado, and the Benaroya Research Institute to understand why some people develop rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

Additionally, the Allen Institute for Immunology will be presenting work on a separate collaboration with the University of Colorado studying serum samples from the Department of Defense Serum Repository to better understand the evolution from pre-clinical to clinical RA.

Talks and posters by the Allen Institute for Immunology researchers and collaborators

Adam Savage Headshot


Adam Savage, Ph.D., an assistant investigator at the Allen Institute for Immunology is presenting a poster on: “Expansion of Atypical B Cells Accompanies Rheumatoid Arthritis-like Immune Dysregulation in ACPA+ At-risk Individuals.”

Location: (2095-2140) RA – Diagnosis, Manifestations, and Outcomes Poster III, Poster Hall 

Poster Session: C

Abstract Number: 2124



Rachna Headshot


Rachna Talluri, M.D., University of Colorado, is presenting a poster on: “Sputum Citrullinated Proteins and Sputum Anti-Cit-S100A8/A9 IgG Antibodies Are Increased in Serum Anti-CCP-IgG Positive Individuals Who Developed RA.”

Abstract Number: 1742

Poster Session: C

Location: (1734–1775) RA – Etiology and Pathogenesis Poster, Poster Hall 



Headshot of Cong Liu


Cong Liu, Ph.D., University of California San Diego, is presenting on: “Integrated Single Cell Multi-omics Analysis in At-risk for Future Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and Early RA Reveals Shared Transcription Factor Profiles in Multiple Cell Lineages.”



Samir Rachid Zaim Headshot


Samir Rachid Zaim, Ph.D., a biostatistician at the Allen Institute for Immunology, is presenting a talk on: “Proteomic Signatures in Pre-Rheumatoid Arthritis Suggest Evolving Biological Pathways in Different Stages of Disease Development That May Inform Prediction and Prevention Strategies.”

Room 23A-C





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