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Samir Rachid Zaim Headshot

Samir Rachid Zaim, Ph.D

Biostatistician - Research


Samir is a biostatistician in the Informatics & Computational Biology group at the Allen Institute for Immunology. His work focuses on methods development and analysis of single cell multi-omics immunological data. Samir obtained his PhD in Statistics and Data Science at the University of Arizona and his BA in Mathematics/Statistics at Carleton College. His dissertation work in interpretable and robust machine learning for precision medicine with Dr. Yves Lussier and Dr. Helen Zhang at the Center for Biomedical Informatics Biostatistics Lab (CB2) focused on high-dimensional variable and interaction selection in random forests, methodological considerations for differential gene expression, and experimental and evaluation designs in single-subject studies.

Research Focus:

Samir’s research interest lies at the intersection of statistics, machine learning, and immunology, and he focuses on developing analytical and computational frameworks that will help us better understand the human immune system.

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