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Internship & Postbaccalaureate Programs

We welcome diverse and innovative perspectives across our science programs committed to finding answers in the complexities of bioscience.

The Allen Institute offers science-focused and administrative internships as well as science-focused postbaccalaureate opportunities and fellowships designed to enable people from all backgrounds to launch their career in a space where they are valued and included. We do this with an eye towards our future research community and the highest impact for our participants.

Both summer internship and postbaccalaureate opportunities are posted in mid to late December.

Applications are now closed.

Internship opportunities

Kathleen Esfahany, an intern in the Allen Institute’s MindScope Program, presents her poster at the interns' final project presentation day. Esfahany's poster describes how the brain’s response to the same stimulus changes over time, also known as representational drift. Photo by Jenny Burns / Allen InstituteThe Allen Institute’s Summer Internship Program is an intensive summer experience designed to provide mentorship and research experience for associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree students who are interested in furthering life sciences research or science-support and administrative careers.

Interns will learn and gain experience working for an organization dedicated to Big, Team, and Open science. This can include participating in research that can lead to publications and presentations as well as contributing to an overall scientific mission through administrative or technology roles. Allen Institute offers a unique community in which to see, support,
and engage with science in action.


We occasionally offer internship roles outside of the Summer Internship Program. Timeline, eligibility, and specifics for each of these internship roles will be included in the Job Description.

Postbaccalaureate Program

Olivia, a postbac at the Allen Institute works with her mentor in a team spaceThe Allen Institute Postbaccalaureate Program is designed to provide a quality research experience to those who have completed an undergraduate degree and demonstrated a commitment to STEM, allowing them to pursue advanced STEM education or start a career in science or a related field.

Each Postbaccalaureate Research Assistant (postbac) will own a project that seeks to address a specific research question or scientific problem, and they will be paired with a primary mentor who will assist the postbac in their career development and help bring them into the Allen Institute community. All postbac roles will start in June and are term-limited to one year, though some roles may have the option to extend to two years.

Potential postbacs are not required to have prior research experience in order to apply.


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