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Allen Institute announces 2020 Next Generation Leaders

November 18, 2020

Six early-career neuroscientists will participate in unique advisory council for the Institute

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The mammalian brain is built from many kinds of neurons. A new study reveals a holistic way to look at them.

November 12, 2020

Using a technique that simultaneously captures different kinds of features from each cell, researchers lay groundwork for a “family tree” of the brain


Projects launch to map the nucleus, the information center of our cells

October 15, 2020

Through the NIH-funded 4D Nucleome program, new efforts are underway to model the nucleus in human stem cells and capture 3D genome organization in mouse and human brain cells.

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News from the Allen Institute for Brain Science: November 2020

November 18, 2020

Highlights include: a new study using the Patch-seq method to classify cell types in the mammalian brain, the 2020 cohort of Next Generation Leaders announced, progress in our efforts to build a wiring diagram of the brain, and more.


An automated pipeline for understanding how the brain is wired

October 2, 2020

Allen Institute for Brain Science researchers built an automated electron microscopy pipeline to help us understand how the brain is wired.


News from the Allen Institute for Brain Science: September 2020

September 10, 2020

Highlights include a Q&A with our Hongkui Zeng, team science in the era of remote work, a new approach to Alzheimer's disease research and more.


The future of brain cell types research: A Q&A with Hongkui Zeng

September 3, 2020

New efforts to understand the human brain, the ‘why’ behind brain cell types, and how technology drives neuroscience

In the News

Immunology institute founded by Paul Allen shifts focus to tackle coronavirus

August 15, 2020

As coronavirus continues to spread, the fledgling Allen Institute for Immunology is taking on a new role trying to speed the development of treatments and vaccines.


A new approach to Alzheimer’s disease research

August 5, 2020

Most efforts to treat Alzheimer's disease simply haven't worked. That's why leading researchers in Seattle are teaming up with us to study early disease progression -- on a cellular level -- and develop a detailed map that could lead to more targeted therapeutics and hopefully someday, a cure.


News from the Allen Institute for Brain Science: July 2020

July 1, 2020

Highlights include a new center for Alzheimer's disease research, new open science data and tools, a new 3D map of the whole mouse brain and more.

In the News

Alzheimer's Researchers Go Back To Basics To Find The Best Way Forward

June 25, 2020

A research effort based at the Allen Institute will tap leading scientists to dive even deeper into brain genetics and physiology. The aim: Find clues to the earliest beginnings of Alzheimer's.

In the News

Researchers Created a 3-D Map of 100 Million Cells in the Mouse Brain

May 13, 2020

Researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science have accomplished a feat of cartography, creating a map of a standard mouse brain with details down to the cellular level.


A new high-resolution, 3D map of the whole mouse brain

May 7, 2020

The reference atlas, years in the making, offers common ground to put neuroscience findings in context


Gamers square off against scientists in online neuron-tracing game

April 29, 2020

Work-and-game-at-home challenge pits Allen Institute researchers — well-versed in neuroscience but new to the online game — against veteran players of ‘Mozak’


News from the Allen Institute for Brain Science: April 2020

April 22, 2020

Our buildin may be closed, but we are still open for science. Highlights include new phases for our neuroscience research, a new Data Stories, clues about a rare human brain cell and more.


Data Stories | Understanding STING

April 2, 2020

See how researcher Kathryn McGuckin Wuertz is trying to understand the relationship between infectious diseases and neurological diseases.


Scientists recreated part of the mouse brain on a computer — and showed it movies

March 18, 2020

The 230,000-cell simulation of part of the visual system can serve as a testbed for understanding general principles of the brain, its creators say


What’s your favorite neuron? We asked 5 neuroscientists.

March 16, 2020

Once you’ve read this, you might have one too


Data Stories | What our heartbeats reveal about our brains

March 10, 2020

The human brain pulses every time the heart beats. Scientists have used that tiny jiggle to reveal new insights about our neurons. 

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