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Tahra Eissa headshot

Tahra Eissa, Ph.D.

University of Colorado Boulder


Tahra Eissa is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Applied Mathematics at University of Colorado Boulder interested in the cognitive and neural mechanisms that allow for flexibility in our decision-making strategies. She completed her undergraduate degree in bioengineering at Cornell University and her Ph.D. in neurobiology at University of Chicago where she studied the dynamics of seizures. Her current work focuses on how human decision strategies change as features of the environment are altered, the errors and limitations of our cognitive strategies, and the corresponding brain mechanisms that underlie these behaviors. To answer these questions, she applies a diverse set of tools that combine computational modeling with data analysis of human behavioral responses and human brain recordings. In the future, Tahra’s research goals are to study 1) the strategies humans apply to decision-making in different environments, 2) how these strategies are implemented by the brain, and 3) how neurological disorders disrupt behavior and brain processes.

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