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Nathaly Munoz headshot

Nathaly Lerma

Research Associate II


Nathaly is a research associate at the Allen Institute for Brain Science on the Human Cell Types Team. Currently working in the division of Human Gene Therapy under Dr. Jonathan Ting at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, where she is evaluating viral tools for targeting primate brain cell types in the basal ganglia. Previously, she worked at Beth Buffalo’s Memory and Learning Lab at the University of Washington, where she helped develop novel testing systems for primate in-cage behavioral testing. She has experience in the behavior and training of young and aged primates. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in biochemistry and participated in the NIH-funded MARC research fellowship for two years. Her long-term goal consists of obtaining a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Current areas of interest include cognitive neuroscience and neurolinguistics, specifically learning, memory, and language pertaining to human growth and development. Nathaly is passionate about advocacy for the Latinx community as well as for creating awareness of neurodiversity and inclusion of people with disabilities.

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