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Nadiya Shapovalova

Research Associate, Sr.


Nadiya Shapovalova joined the Allen Institute in 2004 in production group. She was participating in many of the most well-known Brain-map products including the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas, Human Brain Atlas, Spinal Cord Atlas and Developing Mouse Atlas. Currently she is a member of Human Cell Types Group; working in Flow Cytometry Core, providing bulk and single - sell and sorting services, isolating cells and nuclei in support of analyses of transcriptomic data sets used to identify selectively expressed genes, in a layer or cell-type specific manner, from mouse and human neocortex. Before joining the Allen Institute, Nadiya worked at Celltech R&D, Inc. and performed a variety of services, including Protein Purification, Oligonucleotides synthetizations and reagents preparation. Prior to Celltech R&D, Inc., she was working in Ukraine at Medical Genetic Center of Kharkiv and performed newborn screening tests for PKU. Nadiya was born and raised in Ukraine and received Medical Laboratory Technician degree.