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Mariano Gabitto headshot

Mariano Gabitto, Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator


Mariano Gabitto joined the Allen Institute as an Assistant Investigator in 2021. He currently co-leads the data analysis efforts of the Seattle Alzheimer's Disease Atlas (SEA-AD), aiming to characterize the neuropathological, molecular, and spatial changes taking place in AD. Previously, Mariano held a research scientist position at U.C. Berkeley, working with Mike Jordan and Nir Yosef to develop machine learning algorithms to integrate multimodal genomic data. With Mike Jordan, Mariano created Bayesian statistical models to reconcile super-resolution microscopy data, work for which they received the Michell Prize in applied statistics. Before this work, he was a joint postdoctoral fellow in the groups of Rich Bonneau (Simons Foundation) and Gord Fishell (Broad Institute). With them, Mariano investigated the mechanisms specifying the identity of cortical interneurons by developing statistical tools to characterize chromatin accessibility and gene regulatory networks. Mariano completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Columbia University, where he worked with Charles Zuker creating computational tools to decipher the coding mechanisms of cortical taste sensation, and with Larry Abbott and Liam Paninski, developing Bayesian models to catalog spinal cord interneurons.

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