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Mansi Singh headshot

Mansi Singh, BS, MSc

Bioinformatic Analyst I


"Mansi Singh currently holds the position of Bioinformatics Analyst I at the Allen Institute for Immunology. She pursued both her BSc and MSc in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Arizona, Tucson. Before joining the Allen Institute, Mansi served as a graduate student researcher at the Gurtner Lab, University of Arizona. During her time there, she engaged in bioinformatics research focused on comprehending the progression of diabetic wound healing in mice and elucidating the cell population atlas using single-cell methods.

In her current role at the Allen Institute of Immunology, Mansi is actively involved in computationally assessing diverse cell types and analyzing the changes in the immune health landscape of these cell types over time with a particular emphasis on the aging."

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