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Mackenzie Headshot Allen Institute Immunology

Mackenzie Kopp, Ph.D.

Scientific Project and Alliance Manager


Mackenzie Shipley is a scientific project manager at the Allen Institute for Immunology where she supports external partner alliances and facilitates and organizes the operational aspects of scientific research.

Mackenzie joined the Scientific Program Management team at the Allen Institute in the Fall of 2021. Prior to this, Mackenzie worked at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center as a postdoc in Julie Overbaugh’s lab. Her postdoctoral research focused on characterizing neutralizing antibodies targeting HIV and SARS-CoV-2 and studying the evolution of broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV. Mackenzie received her Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in the lab of Dr. Moriah Szpara where she studied herpes simplex virus genomics and neurovirology.