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Bianca Jones Marlin, Ph.D.

Columbia University


Bianca Jones Marlin is an incoming Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute, 2021. She is a neuroscientist and postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University in the laboratory of Richard Axel, where she investigates transgenerational epigenetic inheritance, or how traumatic experiences in parents affect the brain structure of their offspring. She holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience from New York University, and dual bachelor degrees from St. John’s University, in biology and adolescent education. As a graduate student, her research focused on the vital bond between parent and child, and studied the use of neurochemicals, such as the “love drug” oxytocin, as a treatment to strengthen fragile and broken parent-child relationships. Bianca aims to utilize neurobiology and the science of learning to better inform both the scientific and educational community on how positive experiences dictate brain health, social well being.

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