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Next Generation Leaders program returns for 2024

Applications now open for an engaging, collaborative opportunity for emerging scientific leaders.

Group photo of Next Generation Leaders

The Allen Institute Office of Science and Innovation has re-launched the Next Generation Leaders (NGL) program. This program is designed to recognize and support emerging and diverse early career researchers and provide a platform for professional development, ideation, creativity, and scientific collaboration.

“The Next Generation Leaders program has been a great opportunity for us to connect with rising stars in the field…who inspire and excite us either by what they study or how they study it,” said Saskia de Vries, Ph.D., Associate Director of Data and Outreach at the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics.

NGLs have a passion for collaborative research to understand the complex problems in bioscience. New for 2024, the program is expanding its scope and seeking candidates who can engage in research disciplines across neuroscience, cell biology, immunology, synthetic biology, and data science.

“The best science is done when it is shared openly and across multiple voices, and the NGL program embodies that,” said Lauren Alfiler, Education & Engagement Specialist. “Through my interactions with the NGLs, I have gained insights into how they think about science, which in turn widens my viewpoint and helps me create resources that are impactful.”

Selected applicants will have three years to engage with the concepts of Team and Open Science, participate in Allen Institute programs, and serve as ambassadors of the Allen Institute’s discoveries and values throughout the scientific research community.

“I am confident that future Allen Institute NGLs will fertilize new ideas and stimulate creativity in unexpected ways as we evolve toward a “one biology” approach to answering tough questions about the principles that govern life,” said Luke Esposito, Ph.D., Executive Director of Scientific Operations for the Allen Institute for Brain Science.

Applications are open now until June 5, 2024. Apply here.



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