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Circuit Neuroscience Basel and the Allen Institute are pleased to announce the Lake Conferences. The Lake Conferences are a new series of four biannual conferences aiming to provide stimulating forums to broad research communities in key developing areas of neuroscience. with substantial anticipated potential for society.

The Lake Conferences are jointly organized by Circuit Neuroscience Basel and the Allen Institute, and are held in Switzerland and the U.S. The conferences are planned to be highly interactive, medium-sized in terms of participant numbers (100-150) and will bring together key leaders as well as top researchers from all stages of their careers.

The 2023 Lake Conferences are:

Sensation and Action | Thun, Switzerland | May 7-11, 2023
Sensation and action are intimately linked. Sensation and perception inform action, which in turn results in sensory feedback further impacting movement. Sensation and action involve networks spanning many different areas distributed throughout the nervous system. How systems-wide networks contribute to the implementation and learning of sensation and action, including the processing of relevant sensory information, the generation and modification of diverse motor programs, as well as interactions with modulatory systems is a topic of heavy investigation.

The Sensation and Action 2023 conference will cast a broad net exploring the function and structure of neuronal circuits that underlie sensory-motor integration and movement. It will focus on how networks process sensory input to influence behavior, how specific forms of movement are selected, generated and learned, computational principles underlying circuit function, mechanisms causing sensory-motor dysfunction, and progress in the development of approaches and devices to restore sensory-motor-related functions.

Neural Coding and Dynamics | Seattle, WA, USA | September 17-21, 2023
The study of neural coding and neural dynamics has recently been turbocharged by advances in experimental methods and a revolution in computing and modeling. It is now becoming possible to test long-standing theoretical models of how the dynamic interactions of large populations of neurons process information and produce intelligent behavior.

The Neural Coding and Dynamics 2023 conference will focus on neural coding and dynamics at the brain-wide level, their implementation in evolved neural circuits, and the impact of artificial intelligence in understanding the brain.

For information on speakers, and to submit an application to attend, please visit the Lake Conferences website.