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This webinar for educators will demonstrate “Does Organelle Shape Matter?” This open lesson plan supports educators teaching cell biology using open data from

Apr 26, 2022



8:00AM PT

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About This Event

In this webinar, Carlos C. Goller of North Carolina State University demonstrates how to use his open lesson plan, “Does Organelle Shape Matter?” with your students. This lesson, developed in collaboration with Kaitlyn Casimo and Graham Johnson at the Allen Institute, uses open data resources from the Allen Institute for Cell Science to teach organelle morphology, analysis of large high-throughput cell datasets, and interpretation of cell image datasets. Kim Metzler of the Allen Institute for Cell Science presents a scientific introduction to the Allen Cell Explorer used in the lesson, which includes images of the Allen Cell Collection of cell lines.

This lesson is intended for college instructors teaching intermediate to advanced courses in cell biology, and may be adapted for students in advanced high school, introductory college, or graduate courses.

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The Virtual Science Lab: Does Organelle Shape Matter?

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