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New light on cortical neuropeptides and synaptic network plasticity

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2020-8-0

The Allen Mouse Brain Common Coordinate Framework: A 3D Reference Atlas

Cell, 2020-5-14

A collection of genetic mouse lines and related tools for inducible and reversible intersectional misexpression

Development, 2020-5-4

Contextual Integration in Cortical and Convolutional Neural Networks

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 2020-4-23

Recurrent architecture for adaptive regulation of learning in the insect brain

Nature Neuroscience, 2020-3-23

RecV recombinase system for in vivo targeted optogenomic modifications of single cells or cell populations

Nature Methods, 2020-3-23

Whole-Neuron Synaptic Mapping Reveals Spatially Precise Excitatory/Inhibitory Balance Limiting Dendritic and Somatic Spiking

Neuron, 2020-3-12

Systematic Integration of Structural and Functional Data into Multi-scale Models of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

Neuron, 2020-3-5

Experience shapes activity dynamics and stimulus coding of VIP inhibitory and excitatory cells

eLife, 2020-2-26

The SONATA data format for efficient description of large-scale network models

PLoS Computational Biology, 2020-2-24

Capillary- and Stokes-based trapping of serial sections for scalable 3D-EM connectomics

eNeuro, 2020-2-24

International Brain Initiative: An Innovative Framework for Coordinated Global Brain Research Efforts

Neuron, 2020-1-22

Superficial Bound of the Depth Limit of Two-Photon Imaging in Mouse Brain

eNeuro, 2020-1-6

Single Molecule Localization Microscopy for Quantitative Biology

Journal of Biomolecular Techniques, 2019-12-30

A large-scale, standardized physiological survey reveals higher order coding throughout the mouse visual cortex

Nature Neuroscience, 2019-12-16

Individual structural features constrain the mouse functional connectome

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2019-12-11

Sex-Based Analysis of De Novo Variants in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

American Journal of Human Genetics, 2019-11-25

Separation of hemodynamic signals from GCaMP fluorescence measured with widefield imaging

Journal of Neurophysiology, 2019-11-20

Genetic Identification of Vagal Sensory Neurons That Control Feeding

Cell, 2019-11-14

Single-cell transcriptomic evidence for dense intracortical neuropeptide networks.

eLife, 2019-11-11

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