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Integrated Morphoelectric and Transcriptomic Classification of Cortical GABAergic Cells

Cell, 2020-11-12

Phenotypic variation of transcriptomic cell types in mouse motor cortex

Nature, 2020-11-12

Linking axon morphology to gene expression: a strategy for neuronal cell-type classification

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2020-11-9

Sources of widefield fluorescence from the brain

eLife, 2020-11-6

CamKIIα Positive Interneurons Identified via A microRNA Based Viral Gene Targeting Strategy

Journal of Neuroscience, 2020-11-5

VIP interneurons in mouse primary visual cortex selectively enhance responses to weak but specific stimuli

eLife, 2020-10-27

A petascale automated imaging pipeline for mapping neuronal circuits with high-throughput transmission electron microscopy

Nature Communications, 2020-10-2

The Mind of a Mouse

Cell, 2020-9-17

A standardized head-fixation system for performing large-scale, in vivo physiological recordings in mice

Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2020-9-15

Comprehensive Analysis of Long-Range Connectivity from and to the Posterior Parietal Cortex of the Mouse

Cerebral Cortex, 2020-9-9

New light on cortical neuropeptides and synaptic network plasticity

Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 2020-8-0

Recognizing Team Science Contributions in Academic Hiring, Promotion, and Tenure

Journal of Neuroscience, 2020-8-26

A community-based transcriptomics classification and nomenclature of neocortical cell types

Nature Neuroscience, 2020-8-24

An evolutionary driver of interspersed segmental duplications in primates

Genome Biology, 2020-8-10

Brainwide Genetic Sparse Cell Labeling to Illuminate the Morphology of Neurons and Glia with Cre-Dependent MORF Mice

Neuron, 2020-8-5

Flexible neural connectivity under constraints on total connection strength

PLOS Computational Biology, 2020-8-3

A synapse census for the ages

Science, 2020-7-17

Characterization of Learning, Motivation, and Visual Perception in Five Transgenic Mouse Lines Expressing GCaMP in Distinct Cell Populations

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2020-6-23

Parallel RNA and DNA analysis after deep sequencing (PRDD-seq) reveals cell type-specific lineage patterns in human brain

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2020-6-10

Distinct Transcriptomic Cell Types and Neural Circuits of the Subiculum and Prosubiculum along the Dorsal-Ventral Axis

Cell Reports, 2020-5-19

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