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Single-cell and single-nucleus RNA-seq uncovers shared and distinct axes of variation in dorsal LGN neurons in mice, non-human primates, and humans

eLife, 2021-9-2

Recent ultra-rare inherited variants implicate new autism candidate risk genes

Nature Genetics, 2021-8-0

Scaled, high fidelity electrophysiological, morphological, and transcriptomic cell characterization

eLife, 2021-8-13

A Multisubcellular Compartment Model of AMPA Receptor Trafficking for Neuromodulation of Hebbian Synaptic Plasticity

Frontiers in Synaptic Neuroscience, 2021-8-11

Perceptual awareness negativity: a physiological correlate of sensory consciousness

Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 2021-8-1

Reconciling functional differences in populations of neurons recorded with two-photon imaging and electrophysiology

eLife, 2021-7-16

Cell segmentation-free inference of cell types from in situ transcriptomics data

Nature Communications, 2021-6-10

A machine learning method for the discovery of minimum marker gene combinations for cell-type identification from single-cell RNA sequencing

Genome Research, 2021-6-4

Control of impulsivity by G i-protein signalling in layer-5 pyramidal neurons of the anterior cingulate cortex

Communications Biology, 2021-6-2

Making the hard problem of consciousness easier

Science, 2021-5-28

A taxonomy of transcriptomic cell types across the isocortex and hippocampal formation

Cell, 2021-5-17

Chromatic micromaps in primary visual cortex

Nature Communications, 2021-4-19

Functional enhancer elements drive subclass-selective expression from mouse to primate neocortex

Cell Reports, 2021-3-30

Enhancer viruses for combinatorial cell-subclass-specific labeling

Neuron, 2021-3-23

Relationship between simultaneously recorded spiking activity and fluorescence signal in GCaMP6 transgenic mice

eLife, 2021-3-8

Consistent cross-modal identification of cortical neurons with coupled autoencoders

Nature Computational Science, 2021-2-22

Patch-seq: Past, Present, and Future.

Journal of Neuroscience, 2021-2-3

Highlights from the Era of Open Source Web-Based Tools

Journal of Neuroscience, 2021-2-3

Expansion sequencing: Spatially precise in situ transcriptomics in intact biological systems

Science, 2021-1-29

The effect of inclusion criteria on the functional properties reported in mouse visual cortex

eNeuro, 2021-1-28

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