Allen Institute

What We Do

We believe the next great frontier is human

That’s why we are dedicated to solving some of the greatest mysteries of our minds and bodies.

We are a recognized leader in large-scale research with a commitment to share all we learn openly with the world. Our teams delve deep into the mechanics of our brain, probe the structures and functions of our cells, investigate how our bodies fight disease, and pursue ideas that are on the very edge of our understanding. 

Explore our Scientific Programs & Divisions

Allen Institute for Brain Science

The Allen Institute for Brain Science is the Allen Institute’s oldest scientific division, established in 2003, and has generated several foundational data resources for the neuroscience community, exploring the brain at the level of gene expression, connectivity, and, most recently, individual cell types and synapses. 

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Our bodies are composed of trillions of specialized cells. It’s the building block that makes us — and unmakes us — in health and disease. The Allen Institute for Cell Science uses diverse technologies and approaches at a large scale to study the cell’s components as an integrated system. The Institute’s live imaging data of the major cell structures is used to develop predictive models of cell states and behavior, and all data, methods and other resources are publicly available through the Allen Cell Explorer. 

Allen Institute for Immunology

The human immune system is complex and dynamic, continuously working to keep us alive and healthy. But when it’s out of balance, disease can result. The Allen Institute for Immunology is defining the healthy human immune system and its natural variation, and what goes wrong in disease, with the goal of improving human health.

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group takes our Founder’s enduring quest to understand the mysteries of bioscience to a global scale – beyond the science happening within the labs of the Allen Institute – by directing funding to researchers conducting cutting-edge science around the world. The Frontiers Group encourages new ways of doing science, nurtures breakthroughs, and fosters a creative community built on a shared passion for discovery.

MindScope Program

The MindScope program at the Allen Institute seeks to understand the transformations, sometimes called computations, in coding and decoding that lead from photons to behavior and conscious experience by observing, perturbing and modeling the physical transformations of signals in the cortical-thalamic visual system within a few perception-action cycles. 

Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics

The Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics explores the brain’s activity, at the level of individual neurons and the whole brain, to reveal how we interpret our environments to make decisions.