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Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas | Tutorial

Get an overview of the Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas platform, detailing the methodologies and technologies used to classify and understand the diversity of cell types in the brain.

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The Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas is a platform for visualizing multimodal single-cell data across the mammalian brain and aims to empower researchers to explore and analyze multiple whole-brain datasets simultaneously. It provides unprecedented insights into the diversity of cell types and their location. As of June 2024 the atlas features three taxonomies: whole mouse brain (scRNAseq and MERFISH), whole human brain (snRNAseq), and human Alzheimer’s Disease (snRNAseq and MERFISH), and will grow to include more.  

With the atlas you can: identify cell types in the brain, investigate the spatial location of cell types, investigate gene expression and co-expression patterns in cell types, and refine boundaries and knowledge of brain regions defined by gene expression.

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