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Health Topics

We focus on foundational science, exploring how the human body functions and is connected at a fundamental level.

From the mechanics of our brain, to the structures of our cells, to how our immune system fights disease, we’re committed to learning what makes us healthy and what goes wrong when we are sick.

Three researchers handling a sample in a laboratory over a container of ice

Alzheimer's Disease

We’re investigating how Alzheimer’s disease starts and progresses, so we can develop ways to stop it.
Alzheimer’s Disease
Covid Data


Our scientists are probing the mysteries of COVID-19 and how our immune systems respond to keep us healthy.
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Cancer tissue


By unmasking how cancer begins in the human body, we can identify points of intervention and ways to treat this disease.
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Autoimmune Diseases

When the immune system becomes overactive, it attacks the very thing it is suppose to protect: our bodies.
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Get the latest news about our disease research.

Our scientists are always working toward knowledge, treatments, and cures for diseases that impact the human body. Check out our latest breakthroughs and learn more about how we’re advancing human health research.

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