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Exploring the Complexities of Our Minds and Bodies

We are leaders in large-scale, high quality research with a commitment to share our findings and data openly with the world.

Our teams delve into the mechanics of the brain, probe the structures and functions of our cells, investigate how our immune systems fight disease, and pursue scientific ideas that are on the frontiers of human understanding.

Our Programs

MindScope Program

We study the brain in action to witness and learn how it engages with the physical world through our senses.
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High-resolution brain-wide imaging of axonal arbors to examine connectivity in defined cell types.

Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics

We aim to understand the brain’s activity by studying how animals interpret their environment to make decisions.
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Composite image of human induced pluripotent stem cells from the Allen Cell Collection

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Building a comprehensive picture of how human cells are organized and change in different states of health and disease.
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Allen Institute for Brain Science

Explores the complexity of the brain to catalyze breakthroughs related to what makes us human.
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Allen Institute for Immunology TEA-seq data - a trimodal assay that simultaneously measures transcriptomics (scRNA-seq), epitopes, and chromatin accessibility (scATAC-seq) from thousands of single cells

Allen Institute for Immunology

Dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the human immune system.
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The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group

Committed to expanding our collective understanding of bioscience by pushing the boundaries of possibility.
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Male and female researchers in a laboratory