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Yasmeen Hussain headshot

Yasmeen Hussain, Ph.D.

Scientific Project and Alliance Manager


Dr. Yasmeen Hussain is a Scientific Project and Alliance Manager at the Allen Institute for Brain Science. She is the project manager for the BICAN (BRAIN Initiative Cell Atlas Network) Consortium, a group of over 400 researchers working within over 40 NIH-funded projects to create a comprehensive atlas of the human brain. She also manages the BICAN Knowledge Base project – a one-stop resource for information about brain cell types, anatomy, and genetics.

Previously, Yasmeen was a program officer at the Washington State Academy of Sciences, program manager and policy analyst for the Professional Development Hub, AAAS Congressional Fellow via the Biophysical Society, and associate program officer and Mirzayan Fellow at the National Academies. Yasmeen volunteers her time in science education and mentoring. She earned her PhD in Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She also holds BS degrees in Mathematics and Biology from the University of Utah.

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