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Vivian Ha Headshot

Vivian Ha

Research Associate II


Vivian joined the Optical Physiology team of the MindScope program in July of 2021 after earning her B.S. in Biology (Physiology) from the University of Washington. Her main role at the Institute involves performing in vivo 2-photon microscopy to survey physiological activity in the mouse visual cortex.

Vivian first participated in research with UW Medicine's Department of Cardiology under Dr. Florence Sheehan working with the first vascular Doppler simulator. She then spent the majority of her undergraduate career in Dr. Matt Kaeberlein’s lab, studying metal dyshomeostasis in the pathophysiology of severe mitochondrial disease in mice. Additionally, Vivian was involved in clinical research focused on optimizing a machine learning algorithm to accurately identify laryngeal masses at the UW Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery Center.