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Soo Yeun Lee Headshot

Soo Yeun Lee, Ph.D.

Sr. Scientist


Soo is interested in studying the organization and regulation of neuronal circuits in order to develop more effective therapies for brain disorders. Currently, she investigates the mechanisms underlying how extracellular electric fields impact cell types and circuits in the brain. Prior to joining the Allen Institute, Soo completed her B.A. at UC Berkeley in Molecular Biology and went on to receive her Ph.D. at UC Irvine with Ivan Soltesz. There, she studied the modulation of GABAergic circuits through cell-type-specific signaling pathways. She then worked as postdoc in Karl Deisseroth's lab at Stanford University, where she engineered and characterized novel optogenetic tools to probe neural activity. Her long-term research interests are to understand the structure and modulation of neuronal circuits using molecular, optogenetic, and electrical techniques.

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