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Shelby Suckow Headshot

Shelby Suckow, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Scientific Program Management


Shelby Suckow serves as a Scientific Program Manager for the Allen Institute for Neural Dynamics which is focused on understanding how dynamic neuronal signals at the level of the entire brain implement fundamental computations and drive flexible behaviors. Prior to her current role, Shelby served as Sr. Project and Alliance Manager at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in the Cell Types program working with the IARPA MICrONS and EM connectomics team. She also supported the human genetic tools projects with the Human Cell Types team. Before joining the Allen Institute, Shelby held a project manager role in medical device technology and biotech company. In this role, she led multidisciplinary teams to help move forward FDA regulated medical technology for both clinical trials and commercialization. Shelby received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Florida studying the link of the enteric and central nervous systems in processing visceral nociceptive information following inflammation. Afterwards she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Oregon Health and Science University studying the role of dopaminergic neurons and morphine tolerance in pain pathways. Shelby also has her certificate in Project Management from the University of Washington.

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