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Shailaja Akella

Shailaja Akella, Ph.D.

Scientist I


Shailaja Akella joined the Mindscope program in 2022 as a Scientist I. Prior to working at the Allen Institute, Shailaja earned her Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida. Her graduate research with Dr. Jose Principe included developing a system for characterizing oscillatory bursts from local field potentials. Deriving methods from information theory and machine learning, Shailaja later applied the system to improve understanding of the causal connectivities between multi-scale brain activity and behavior. In her current role, Shailaja is working on decoding neural activity to identify several sources of neural variability and information propagation in the visual cortex.

Research Focus:

Shailaja’s broad interests lie in developing machine learning solutions that enable a better understanding of information flow within neural circuits. Exploiting signal knowledge at both the mesoscopic and microscopic levels, she aims to link information flow with perception and behavior.

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