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Praveen Venkatesh, Ph.D.

Shanahan Foundation Fellow


Praveen Venkatesh joined the Allen Institute and the University of Washington as a Shanahan Foundation Fellow in the summer of 2021. He has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where he worked with Dr. Pulkit Grover. During his PhD research, he applied information theory, data science, and statistics to solve problems in neuroscience and neuroengineering. He has developed new frameworks for defining and inferring information flow in biological and artificial neural circuits, and has examined the fundamental limits of the spatial resolution of high-density Electroencephalography (EEG). In his current role, Praveen is working on developing new information measures to understand the interaction between the activities of multiple brain regions, stimuli and behaviors. He is also leveraging his expertise in information theory and data science to develop new statistical methods and analytical frameworks for understanding biological and artificial neural systems.

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Research Focus:

Research Interests

Praveen is broadly interested in the intersection of information theory and data science with neuroscience and neuroengineering. His main interests are developing new information measures for understanding information flow and encoding, and understanding the fundamental limits of neural systems and interfaces.


  • Information theory

  • Signal processing

  • Statistics

  • Machine learning

  • Computational neuroscience


Research Programs:

  • Shanahan Foundation Fellowship

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