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Myra Wang Imanaka, Ph.D.

Science & Technology Innovation Manager


Myra joined the Allen Institute in 2019 and is responsible for managing and disseminating the Allen Institute’s intellectual property in furtherance of the Institute’s mission and impact. She works cross-functionally with all teams in all stages of technology management including assessment of new innovations, intellectual property rights, patent management and strategy, and licensing. She has experience in patent strategy, in- and out-licensing, and commercialization in both the research institution and life sciences company settings. Prior to joining the Allen Institute, she did similar technology management work in the Office of Business Development and Strategy at Fred Hutch and directed intellectual property strategy at a Washington life sciences company. Myra studied at the University of Washington where she received a B.S. in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Pathology, studying molecular regulatory mechanisms in aging and cancer.

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