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Melinda Angus-Hill, Ph.D.

Scientist, Sr.


Melinda Angus-Hill is a Senior Scientist in Experimental Immunology at the Allen Institute for Immunology. Melinda has a solid history in academic, commercial, and pharmaceutical environments. She has a Ph.D. in Oncological Sciences and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in translational cancer research and genetics. Melinda Angus-Hill led a translational oncology research program as a Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and recently was Lead Scientist in product development within the spatial biology field.

Research Focus:

The Oncology team employs multimodal and multisystem approaches to comprehensively define the immune and tumor microenvironment across the plasma cell dyscrasia continuum of disease. This includes longitudinal studies conducted throughout the standard of care therapy regimen for multiple myeloma patients, as well as in cases of primary or relapsed plasmacytoma disease. The goal of these projects is to uncover the intricate communications between plasma cell dyscrasias and the immune and tumor microenvironment (TME). Such discoveries may shed light on novel therapeutic modalities for addressing relapsed multiple myeloma and extramedullary plasmacytomas that thrive in a supportive microenvironment and contribute to unfavorable patient outcomes.

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