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Mats Karlsson

Biology Software Engineer IV


​Mats (Totte) Karlsson joined the Synapse Biology team at the Allen Institute in 2016. His current efforts include the automation of tissue collection in a high throughput Array Tomography pipeline. In this pipeline, his focus is on the design and implementation of robust and functional software supporting a vast amount of scientific hardware, such as a set of precision stepper motors (robot), live streaming cameras, barcode readers, environmental sensors and the Ultra Microtome (Leica) hardware itself. Prior to joining the Institute, Karlsson provided software and scientific hardware (high speed data acquisition) expertise in several scientific startup companies. Karlsson received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Stockholm, in the group of Malcolm H. Levitt, where his studies focused on the development of novel structure determination methods in crystalline solids using nuclear magnetic resonance and magic angle spinning.