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Lenina Arenas-Fuentes headshot

Lenina Arenas-Fuentes, M.Ed.

Chief of Staff


Lenina Arenas-Fuentes joined the Allen Institute in 2022 as Chief of Staff. Drawing from decades of international expertise in non-profit governance and executive operations, Lenina works with the CEO to design and advance the implementation of strategies and evaluation efforts to achieve the Institute’s goals.

Partnering with other executive leaders, she facilitates operational planning and alignment across units, as well as the cadence, content, and functioning of the Institute’s Board of Directors and other advisory and assessment groups.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Lenina attended UNAM, where she was awarded a BA in International Relations, cum laude, and later pursued graduate studies in Canada, where she obtained a Master of Education, focusing on immigrant identity, gender and the creation of difference.

Prior to joining the Institute, Lenina served as Chief of Staff for the University of Washington Bothell. Lenina approaches her work with a spirit of service and co-mentorship – looking for methods and tools to enhance communication and success across teams, and to solve the puzzle of human connections.

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