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Krissy Brouner

Research Associate, Sr.


Krissy has been a member of the Allen Institute for Brain Science since 2007.  She joined the Institute shortly after the completion of the Allen Brain Atlas and has been involved in the data generation for all of the other Brain-map products since then including the Human Brain Atlas, Spinal Cord Atlas and Developing Mouse Atlas.  Her primary role has been in the areas of immunohistochemistry and other histology staining, reagent prep and in situ hybridization data generation.  Currently a member of the histology team, Krissy continues to work to streamline processes and simplify documentation to reduce errors and improve the work flow and efficiency for high throughput data generation.  In that effort, she has worked with various automated staining platforms and was recently involved in optimizing our current labor intensive manual staining process for our Human IVSCC immunohistochemistry staining processes fully automated.  Krissy has a commitment to a safe and healthy work environment at the Institute and is a member of both the Institute Safety Committee and Social Committee.  She obtained her B.S. in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology from the University of Washington.