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Julie Nyhus headshot

Julie Nyhus

Principal Scientific Project Coordinator


Julie received a BA from Grinnell College and a M.S. in Neuroscience from University of Iowa. After graduate schools, Julie went to work for BioCrystal Ltd, a startup company that researched cancer immunotherapeutics and also developed a novel cell cultured device that was used on the International Space Station (later acquired by Nalgene) and fluorescent nanocrystals (later acquired by Invitrogen).

Following the Invitrogen acquisition, Julie moved to their Molecular Probes (now part of Thermo) site to work on non-invasive in vivo imaging products and ISH-based cancer diagnostics. Julie joined the Methods Development department of the Allen Institute for Brain Science as a Research Associate in 2010 and now works in the Research Operations PM team coordinating human tissue acquisition, SOPs and radiation safety.

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