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Janna hong headshot

Janna Hong, Post-Bacc

Shanahan Postbac Fellow


Janna Hong is a Shanahan postbaccalaureate fellow at the Allen Institute, focusing on the intersection of computation and neuroscience. After earning her degree in Neuroscience from the University of Washington, she joined the Institute’s SEA-AD team. She conducts quantitative analyses utilizing post-mortem human brain tissue to discern patterns and quantify the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
Her primary focus is on exploring the hippocampus’s role in the disease’s neuropathology, utilizing Bayesian statistics and extensive data analysis. Among her contributions is the creation of a pseudo-progression inference model, which quantifies the impact of the disease on various brain regions. This leads to a comprehensive model of Alzheimer’s progression that incorporates biophysical models and timelines of the disease’s development.
In addition to her work at the Allen Institute, she pursues wet-lab research at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she focuses on hippocampal neurogenesis in the spiny mouse. Specifically, she investigates the role of Tbr2 in the transition from neural stem cells to intermediate progenitors and neurons. This research aims to uncover how these developmental processes are influenced by neurological diseases, ultimately seeking to identify novel therapeutic approaches.

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